Caldwell’s Teacher of the Year 2017 – Jennifer Roberts!

Miss Roberts is a 5th grade language arts teacher that has a remarkable gift when communicating with her students. She consciously creates highly effective lessons that keeps her students engaged and promote grade level mastery.

At the beginning of the year, she calls each of her parents to let them know how happy she is to have their child in her classroom. She communicates with parents when things are going well in the classroom and she calls when there is a need. Her desire is to communicate proactively with parents so they can work together to meet the needs of each student.

Miss Roberts communicates with her peers in a collaborative manner. As our lead ELA teacher, she plans with her other grade level ELA teachers. However this year, she has gone beyond her grade level and collaboratively plans with our two new fourth grade ELA teachers. She assists them with unpacking standards, creating lesson plans, developing formative assessments and creating small group lesson plans. She has been a true asset to the new teachers.

We are truly blessed to serve with this amazing educator. She continually looks for creative ways to communicate with her students. Parents love hearing from her! Our teachers are supported by her with collaborative planning. This teacher knows the power of effective communication.