Cubby Olympics

Cubby Olympics is coming in the Fall of 2020 and we are looking for participants! Caldwell students will compete against each other using Arcademics games that test their speed and skill in the various subject matters.  Winners have an opportunity to win a variety of cool prizes! To properly train, students can use the summer to practice the basic skills needed for the Cubby Olympics in the events listed below.

Cubby Olympics – Coming Fall 2020

Events by Grade Level 

K – 1st Grade 


 2nd – 3rd Grade


 4th – 5th Grade





Having fun using Arcademics? Below are more games that teachers recommended by TOPIC in order of difficulty low to high. These foundational skills will help students be prepared for school in the Fall.

Math Games:  

Jumping Chicks – Counting (Up to 4 Players) 

Island Chase – Subtraction (Up to 4 Players) 

Alien Addition – Addition (Single Player Game) 

Kangaroo Hop – Shape Recognition – (Up to 4 Players) 

Canoe Puppies – 2 Digit Addition – (4 Teams of 2) 

Skateboard Pups – Add/Subtract 3 One digit numbers (4 Teams of 2) 

Giraffe Pull – Reading A Clock – (4 on 4 Tug of War) 

Swimming Otters – Fact Families Multiplication (Up to 4 Players) 

Meteor Multiplication – Multiplication (Single Player) 

Demolition Division – Division (Single Player) 

ELA Games: 

Bumper Boat Bash – Plurals  (Up to 12 Players) 

Typing Jets – Simple Typing Practice (4 Players) 

Word Invasion – Parts of Speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions (Single Player) 

Verb Viper – Subject Verb Agreement (Single Player) 

Spelling Bees – Spelling (Up to 4 Players) 

Owl Planes – Typing (4 Teams of 2) 

Elephant Feed – Synonyms (Up to 4 Players) 

Furious Frogs – Antonyms (Up to 4 Players) 

How to create and join a game

How to JOIN a game – arcademics

How to CREATE a game – arcademics