House Points


El Mejor = 2017-2018 House Champions!

Philomathes = 

Sans Peur =

Ubuntu = 

Behavior Support For Parents

2017 – 2018 House Champions

Congratulations to the students in the House of El Mejor! They are the House Champions for 2017 – 2018! Recording a total of 899 points through their success in attendance, GROWL, parent night participations, lunchtime points and more! They showed us their BEST and that’s why they are El MEJOR! “The BEST”

Can You Find Cubby?

STOP the Summer Slide!

Studies show that students lose 2-3 months of learning over the summer months! While summer is a time for rest and fun, wise parents and guardians build a consistent plan to keep their children reading, writing & talking about math! Students can practice math facts each day to earn rewards or ‘unlock’ their time to play video games! There are many ways to provide learning each and every day to ensure your child does not fall behind. Below is a link to an article with web resources and ideas to help your child beat the summer slide!


Welcome To Our Family!

Caldwell Elementary staff are committed to giving every child on a campus a powerful day of learning. We love to create engaging experiences for our students and you will regularly see our staff dressed in costumes, playing games, singing and snapping pictures with our students!

We believe in telling our story about the magical and powerful things happening on campus during the day. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the positive things we are doing with our school family.

YOU are a part of our story! Share your positive stories and help others see how Caldwell is positively impacting children and our community!

Our staff and students are each a member of a ‘house’. Each house brings a different strength to create ONE SCHOOL. During the year, each house can earn points for their house and we recognize a house leader at the end of each 9 weeks.

The Forte House means STRONG. Their color is black and their symbol is a fort.

The El Mejor House means THE BEST. Their color is grey and their symbol is two thumbs up crossed.

The Philomathes House means LOVE OF LEARNING. Their color is blue and their symbol is a light with a heart in it.

The Sans Peur House means FEARLESS. Their color is red and their symbol is fire.

The Ubuntu House means ‘I AM BECAUSE WE ARE’ (UNITY). Their color is green and their symbol is a circle with hands reaching inward.

Caldwell’s Mission Statement

Caldwell’s Mission Statement

Caldwell Elementary School will provide high levels of effective instruction with social and emotional learning that enables students to achieve proficiency of state standards.

Caldwell’s Vision Statement

At Caldwell Elementary, our students will achieve grade level mastery and be empowered to grow physically, socially and emotionally.