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School Device Coverage

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Repair cost of the school-issued device

Students are expected to return district-issued mobile devices and device peripherals in the same condition in
which they were issued. While normal wear and tear will be taken into consideration, students who have
mistreated the equipment will be responsible for repair or replacement costs and will be issued a financial
obligation to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment.

The Device Recovery Costs chart below provides a list of the most common repair costs for the different mobile
devices used in Polk County Public Schools as part of the Digital Learning Initiative. It is not a comprehensive
list, and any other damage not Included in the list below will be assessed and assigned a fee according to the

Device Device Replacement Battery iPad LCD Scree Digitizer Power Supply Keyboard Case Protective Sleeve
iPad $349.00 $49.05 $102.75 $47.52 $69.00 $99.95 $19.39

Device Repair Cost English

Device Repair Cost HC

Device Repair Cost Spanish