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The MyPolkSchools Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a service offered to parents and guardians for accessing certain student records. The service allows parents and guardians to access information about ALL of their students through one convenient website. This eliminates the need to visit several different websites, make telephone calls or visit the school to access records and information.

View these instructions below:

Accessing Parent Portal

Creating an account

Attaching students

Resetting your password

Reading Strategies For Home

Three Strikes You Win!

Read, Cover, Remember, Retell

Ready. Set. Read!



What you can do to help your child succeed in school:

  • Sign the parent/teacher/student compact located in the student handbook
  • Read their agenda and sign it each night
  • Sign up for text reminders with the school and with your teacher
  • Read all class and school communications
  • Review your child’s homework
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences and family nights
  • Ensure your child is at school on time every day they are healthy.

Tardy/Early Dismissal

Children must be accompanied by an adult into the main office when coming to school late. A tardy slip must be obtained from the front office before the student will be permitted in class. **Please note the new tardy policy on page 16 of the student code of conduct.

Personal I.D. is required for an adult to enter campus, as well as, when checking a student out of school. Only the adults listed on the student emergency card will be permitted to check a student out of school. Please keep the emergency cards for your child(ren) current. Thank You!

 Information about Bullying

Stop Bullying
Click Here

School is hard enough without having to deal with bullies, teasers or other kids who are just mean! So, you have a problem with someone in your class. Are you being bullied? Help us stop bullying in our schools.

Click on the Stop Bullying Now graphic to get more information about bullying or to report bullying in our school.

We also have a “Bully Box” located in our front office and media center.  You or your child may stop by and fill out the form located next to the box or speak with our Assistant Principal.  Upon filling out the form, administration will call you and/or your child to discuss the details of the event and begin an investigation.