House Points

Forte= 162

El Mejor = 160

Philomathes = 151

Sans Peur =146

Ubuntu = 146

Caldwell’s Teacher of the Year 2017 – Jennifer Roberts!

Miss Roberts is a 5th grade language arts teacher that has a remarkable gift when communicating with her students. She consciously creates highly effective lessons that keeps her students engaged and promote grade level mastery.

At the beginning of the year, she calls each of her parents to let them know how happy she is to have their child in her classroom. She communicates with parents when things are going well in the classroom and she calls when there is a need. Her desire is to communicate proactively with parents so they can work together to meet the needs of each student.

Miss Roberts communicates with her peers in a collaborative manner. As our lead ELA teacher, she plans with her other grade level ELA teachers. However this year, she has gone beyond her grade level and collaboratively plans with our two new fourth grade ELA teachers. She assists them with unpacking standards, creating lesson plans, developing formative assessments and creating small group lesson plans. She has been a true asset to the new teachers.

We are truly blessed to serve with this amazing educator. She continually looks for creative ways to communicate with her students. Parents love hearing from her! Our teachers are supported by her with collaborative planning. This teacher knows the power of effective communication.


Caldwell School Related Employee of the Year – Lindsey Letchworth

Miss Letchworth is a paraprofessional that works with our kindergarten and first grade students. She is quite remarkable! She joined our school in December of 2016! Even though she has been with us for less than ten months, she has had a powerful impact on our students and staff.  Each day she meets the instructional needs of student in small groups. She is hard working and committed to both the students and the teachers.

We truly appreciate how Miss Lecthworth supports our school wide programs and initiatives. You can always find her volunteering at family night and school related functions. Supporting the community is important to our school, but it is also important to her. She always joins us when were go out in to the community to serve! Service is at the heart of what she does. There is never a task to big or to small for her. She will always go the extra degree to represent the school with pride!


Free Parent Activities At Title I Parent & Family Resource Center

Click Here for the November Calendar of FREE activities for our parents! This location is at Garner Elementary, very close for most our families!  There is also homework help offered! Check it out!

Welcome To Our Family!

Caldwell Elementary staff are committed to giving every child on a campus a powerful day of learning. We love to create engaging experiences for our students and you will regularly see our staff dressed in costumes, playing games, singing and snapping pictures with our students!

We believe in telling our story about the magical and powerful things happening on campus during the day. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the positive things we are doing with our school family.

YOU are a part of our story! Share your positive stories and help others see how Caldwell is positively impacting children and our community!

Our staff and students are each a member of a ‘house’. Each house brings a different strength to create ONE SCHOOL. During the year, each house can earn points for their house and we recognize a house leader at the end of each 9 weeks.

The Forte House means STRONG. Their color is black and their symbol is a fort.

The El Mejor House means THE BEST. Their color is grey and their symbol is two thumbs up crossed.

The Philomathes House means LOVE OF LEARNING. Their color is blue and their symbol is a light with a heart in it.

The Sans Peur House means FEARLESS. Their color is red and their symbol is fire.

The Ubuntu House means ‘I AM BECAUSE WE ARE’ (UNITY). Their color is green and their symbol is a circle with hands reaching inward.

Caldwell’s Mission Statement

Caldwell’s Mission Statement

Caldwell Elementary School will provide high levels of effective instruction with social and emotional learning that enables students to achieve proficiency of state standards.

Caldwell’s Vision Statement

At Caldwell Elementary, our students will achieve grade level mastery and be empowered to grow physically, socially and emotionally.

Upcoming Events

End of 2nd 9-Week Grading Period and 1st Semester
Dec 21 all-day

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Last School Day Before Winter Holidays
Dec 21 all-day

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Teacher Workday, Student, Para Holiday
Jan 3 all-day

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Paraeducators and Students Return After Winter Holidays
Jan 4 all-day
SAC Meeting
Jan 9 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
FSA Testing Family Night
Jan 11 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Jan 15 all-day

Description of Event: Student, Teacher, Paraeducatorr
Additional Information: School Calendarsr

Distribute Report Cards (9 Weeks)
Jan 17 all-day

Additional Information: School Calendarsr

FTE Week
Feb 5 – Feb 9 all-day

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Interim Reports
Feb 5 – Feb 9 all-day

Description of Event: Distribution Weekr
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